Zip Lines North Lake Tahoe

Zip Lines

Like zip lines? Who doesn’t? Tahoe Treetop Adventure Park offers zip lines in almost every course.  Many courses have multiple zip lines mixed in with a variety of "bridges"/events.  Please understand, this is NOT a zip line tour or canopy tour, it's much more active than that.    

Aerial Adventure Park vs. Zip Line Tour

We provide active, fun experiences that require some effort and interaction on the part of the participant. We like to make it interesting, we want you to be faced with a new and interesting obstacle at every tree.  You will experience many tree platforms connected by a variety of bridges and/or zip lines.  Some of the bridges are wobbly, some are easy to cross and others are physically challenging.

A Zip Line Tour, while fun, is a fairly passive activity (you don’t have to do anything) involving a guide connecting your trolley to the cable and then sending you on your way.  It requires little effort and is the same every time, only the distances and scenery change. Be clear, this is not what we are offering.

You have a Choice!

Everyone is different, some are scared of heights, other not. We offer many different courses to appeal to all levels. You choose the level you wish at all times. It might be easy for you or very challenging… but it’s your choice. Are you pushing yourself? Are you slightly uncomfortable? Great fun, isn’t it?